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Key Financial Information

  • 2 six-figure grants from Malta Enterprise (ME) for operations costs in Malta, and collaboration with the University of Malta, subject to T&Cs
  • ME grants are non-refundable, non-taxable, and non-equity-dilutive 
  • Only one share class with voting rights for investors, employees and founders
  • Only £91k in non-convertible debt
  • UK Future Fund convertible debt of £600k, which can convert in a “qualifying round” (£300k+) to our single common share class 
  • Cash-flow positive point within reach with major jump in revenue

Clients and Traction

We count more than 15 enterprise clients across three continents and have signed deals that will bring our ARR in March 2022 up 2.5x-3.5x year-over-year.
Annual recurring revenue (ARR) is defined as monthly recurring revenue (MRR) multiplied by 12 (MRR * 12). This gives a more accurate picture of growing businesses that are signing clients and increasing monthly revenues throughout the year.
With the deals already signed, once implementation is complete, we will have a reach to over 1 million  users through our B2B2C channels, a massive increase for awareness.

What you get for your investment

You will be become a shareholder and receive common equity shares in the company. Everyone, including founders, employees, and existing investors, hold the same class of common equity shares with the same rights as those that will be offered in the next round. This includes any conversion of the Future Fund convertible debt note.
We also offer periodic discounts to investors for Premium services and subscriptions.

One Platform For All Your Due Diligence Needs

We are building CityFALCON into the only platform you’ll ever need for thorough, precise, and convenient due diligence

What are we willing to do to succeed?

Whatever it takes - even pitching from an ice hole for 3 minutes!

The Problem: a lack of access

High Costs
Up to £24000 per annum
for incumbent platforms
Poor User Experience
The 1990s onboarding
Information Overload
For popular topics
No Information
For the long tail of topics
Underserved Audiences
Focus on wealthy traders and investors
leave some audiences behind:
Knowledge Management Teams
Wealth Managers
Small and Medium Enterprises
Retail Investors and Traders
Fintechs and Other Startups

The CityFALCON Solution – the next generation of financial content

Low price and significant value of Revolut
Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning automate operations to keep costs low
Personalisation of Spotify and Netflix
Content adapts to the target audience using proprietary CityFALCON Score and machine learning
Intuitive user experience of Spotify and Revolut
Register and use - no need for training. Optimal for busy Millennials and Gen Z
Beyond data: machine-generated insights and analysis
Spend more time making decisions and  less time reading and researching
No paywalls, no clutter
Full texts of paywalled content from 1000+ publications, including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Benzinga, and The Economist
Financial content coverage and search capabilities beyond Google
  • 300,000 topics, 200 million in 2022
  • News from 10,000+ sources, filings with regulators and companies houses, sentiment analysis, investor relations and ESG content, alternative data, summarisation, and more
  • 50+ languages (90+ through R&D project in 2022)
Foreign Exchange
Private Companies
Macro Topics
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CityFALCON’s 7 key differentiators

Next Generation
Embracing the trend of intuitive platforms for the next generation of tech-savvy market participants
No one at the office? No problem. Automation runs the whole operation
Fair Price
Reasonably priced, affordable for everyone
Long Tail Coverage
Content on even obscure and niche public and private companies to drive a one-stop-shop for every investor or trader
Non-English Coverage
The world speaks more than English. Content in dozens of languages, providing a window into local events before they're global.
Unlike Google, Yahoo Finance, and others, we don't sell your data to advertisers, instead charging a small subscription fee to finance our costs.
Lean methodology and strict cash flow management reduces the startup failure risk
Unrestricted Data
We share our data via API to the extent possible

Seamless, elegant integration on client platforms

Any content provider can whitelabel and integrate our data within hours
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The People Making It Possible

From a one-man operation in the dream stage to nearly 40 employees with offices in London, Malta, and Ukraine.
Years working together
A+ Gender Ratio in Tech
Collaboration with 2 Universities
Saints Cyril and Methodius
University of Skopje
University of Malta

Our journey until now

Needing a solution for his lack of access to quality data and real-time content while investing, our founder built a basic version of our product from his bedroom in 2014. This need grew into a passion which blossomed into CityFALCON.
Originally we envisioned a simple, personalised financial news service. Since then, we’ve broadened our horizons by leveraging the latest technology to deliver relevant content in milliseconds, provide analytics-based insights, and offer an intuitive user experience. The Spotify concept best encapsulates our platform.

Featured in

Member of / Alum of

Multibillion Dollar Market to Disrupt

Source: Burton-Taylor International Consulting LLC

In finance, data is money and the new oil, powering modern economies and driving growth.  Quality, curated, structured data is a lot of money!

Read an article about the market size here.

Business Model and Revenue Streams

Monthly Recurring Streams
Retail Subscriptions
  • Sentiment analysis, bulleted summaries, full-text access to select paywalled content, analytics, insights, and more
  • Freemium model – free to try and two premium subscription tiers
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Real-time API Plans
  • Structured, machine-readable content to integrate into client platforms or algorithmic trading
  • Subscription plans with API call limits and tier-separated features
See Plans
Insights and Analysis
  • Insights for asset classes, securities, locations, or people 
  • Two-tiered monthly pricing
coming soon
One-Time or Recurring
Historical Datasets
  • Historical data stretching back 5 years for research or back testing
  • Purchasable as bulk data with considerable customisation options
coming soon
Pay Per View
  • One-time reading of Premium content with redeemable tokens
  • All CityFALCON features unlocked for a 24 or 48 hour period
coming soon

Your Return on Investment

We believe in financial efficiency and question every penny we spend. We do NOT believe in the Silicon Valley tradition of burning cash to acquire users without seeing a clear monetary return.

Our capital structure is heavily weighted towards equity funding. This approach ensures our financial and operational independence. Moreover, almost all growth flows into share appreciation, not debt repayment.

Our first target remains to become cash flow positive, and then scale the business to become a multi-billion-dollar company.

Join us on our journey. Reshape the future of financial data distribution and enjoy capital gains along the way.

Financial efficiency
Question every penny spent
Be sustainable
Silicon Valley Way
Burn cash to acquire users
Blow millions in months
Go bankrupt
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Additional Investment Rewards

must be one of first 250 investors
£30 value
3 months
Gold subscription
£45 value
6 months
Gold subscription
£85 value
50% discount on Business Starter API plan for 1 year
£960 value
1 year
Gold subscription
£145 value
50% discount on Business Starter API plan for 1 year
£730 value
Plus for non-EIS only
5 night stay in Malta in shared company apartment plus coworking space
£250 value
Total value: £395 - 980
2 years
Gold subscription
£260 value
50% discount on Business Starter API plan for 2 years
£1460 value
Plus for non-EIS only
10 night stay in Malta in shared company apartment plus coworking space
£500 value
Total value: £760 - 1,960


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